The Legacy of Richard Porson’s Handwriting

Richard Porson (1759-1808) was an eminent classicist whose valuable contributions to classical scholarship were often characterised by his precise emendations and thorough understanding of Greek metre (the rhythmic structure of a verse). A critical edition of Euripides’ four plays (Hecuba, Orestes, Phoenissae and Medea) was one of Porson’s most famous publications. Line-engraving of Richard Porson... Continue Reading →

Orwell at Eton

In the summer of 1917 Eric Arthur Blair signed the entrance book for Eton College. The volume is just one of the treasures on display in Eton College Library to mark the 101st anniversary since Blair – now better known as George Orwell – crossed School Yard for the first time as a King’s The... Continue Reading →

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