Preparing for Candlemas

Whilst some are getting ready for Advent and the Christmas season, at Eton we are looking forward to another Christian festival.  Candlemas commemorates the presentation of Jesus at the Temple, and falls on 2nd February – the fortieth, and some say final, day of Christmas.  In 2018, a special Candlemas service will be held in the College Chapel to install a newly commissioned silver altar set.

The pair of candlesticks are being made by Rod Kelly, one of the UK’s leading silversmiths, who specialises in low relief chasing.  Rod has established the South House Silver Workshop Trust to support young graduate silversmiths, who visit his workshop in Shetland to be mentored and receive technical training.

The chalice and patten are being made by Miriam Hanid, who has been working as a professional silversmith since 2008.  Her training has included a Master Craftsman Internship with Rod Kelly sponsored by the Goldsmiths’ Company.  Four of her pieces won awards in the 2017 Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Awards.

The gallery below shows Rod and Miriam’s recent work on the altar set in progress.

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Images by Rod Kelly and Miriam Hanid; text by Lucy Gwynn, Deputy Librarian

Lily and rose: the progress of the silver commission for College Chapel

Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Eton College Collections and some associated donors, the college has been able to commission a pair of candlesticks and a chalice and paten for College Chapel.  The silversmiths working on this commission, Rod Kelly and Miriam Hanid, have shared with us some photographs of their progress.