Introduction to the “Treasure Trove”

Today, we are launching a boy-driven Collections initiative: the Treasure Trove! In this project, items from Collections will be chosen and written about by boys.

Collections is arguably the biggest resource for extra-curricular study in any school in the world.  Make it yours!

The value you can get out of The Collections for a project or Prize Essay is invaluable. You simply cannot do better than going back to original material and sources. Your beaks and examiners know that. But they don’t often see it.

If you have an interest in almost anything, you will find material in Collections.

Twice a half in Mich and Lent and once in Summer, in every new edition of the Collections Treasure Trove Blog, we will profile some fascinating document or object and ask some probing questions about it: its history and origin, relevance and influence, the people who created it, their stories and much more.

But you don’t have to wait for us! If you have a special interest, come to Collections, ask about it, and explore.

We hope that from here, you will discover that the treasures in The Collections are not only for museums, but that they are also about science, art, religion, politics, economics and can lead to inspiration for your essay topics and research related to your chosen Specialist subjects.

By Chris Thorn (KS)