Remembrance in the Collections

This year Remembrance Sunday commemorations will be fairly different to tradition as the nation observes social distancing. Despite restrictions on crowds and gatherings indoors, there are many socially distanced events scheduled to honour the service and sacrifices of the armed forces, and their communities, in conflict. There are a number of holdings in the Eton... Continue Reading →

Eton Boys and Guy Fawkes

My name is Beck Price and I am an Archives Assistant at Eton College Archives. My role involves working on helping to transcribe and catalogue parts of the collection, as well as assisting with the rehousing of objects and general enquiries made to the archives. I will also be helping to contribute more to the... Continue Reading →

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Anjali Dhunna, Gallery Steward Who are you and what do you do? Hi, my name is Anjali Dhunna and I am currently a Gallery Steward primarily working in the Verey Gallery. I am also a student studying Physical Geography at university. What made you want to work in the Museums and Galleries at Eton College? I absolutely... Continue Reading →

Thoth and the African Sacred Ibis

In ancient Egypt, the ibis was one manifestation of Thoth, the god associated with divine knowledge and writing. The breed of ibis specifically sacred to Thoth is the African Sacred Ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus) which became extinct in Egypt in the mid-19th century. This species has a white body, here represented by travertine, and a black... Continue Reading →

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Sara Spillett, Conservation Housekeeper Who are you and what do you do? My name is Sara, I am the Conservation Housekeeper and I work across the Eton College Collections. What does a normal day at work at Eton look like for you? Every day is different, it’s what I love the most about my job. ... Continue Reading →

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Rebecca Tessier, Collections Cataloguer and Museums Officer Who are you and what do you do? Rebecca Tessier, Collections Cataloguer and Museums Officer. I am also Keeper of the Museum of Eton Life. I do all sorts of things! As Collections Cataloguer I work on cataloguing projects across the department, focusing on the object-based collections. This... Continue Reading →

So, what is the Moa?

Right so, imagine a cross between an Ostrich and an Emu, make it bigger and hey presto you have a Moa! This is not scientifically what a Moa (Order: Dirnornithiformes) is, however genetic studies have found that its closest relatives are small South American birds called the Tinamous (Order: Tinamiformes)[1],[2], despite the fact Moas used... Continue Reading →

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