VE Day bonfire by Oliver van Oss

Snapshot of the framed painting by Oliver van Oss and accompanying pencil inscription. Oliver van Oss, Lower Master at Eton (1959-1965), painted this scene of a bonfire in honour of VE Day on Fellow’s Eyot on 8th May 1945. The enormous, glowing fire stretches up into the night sky to the height of the tallest tree and is  encircled by hundreds... Continue Reading →

VE Day: 75th Anniversary

Commemorating the end of the Second World War Today marks the 75th anniversary of ‘Victory in Europe Day’, the official end of World War Two in Europe. Final battles in Europe took place across April and May of 1945, with the cessation of hostilities and agreements and treaties taking place over the following months and... Continue Reading →

A School at War: WWII Home Front at Eton

Collections Learning school workshop: in focus The Chronicle, January 24, 1941 Did Adolf Hitler actually address the boys of Eton in their own newspaper?  No – it was the humorous ramblings of an anonymous boy, but the bombing the author referred to was only too real. Bomb damage, Upper School. Photograph by an Eton boy... Continue Reading →

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