Windsor Bridge from the West

Windsor Bridge from the West is a watercolour painting by Paul Sandby from the mid 18th century. It depicts the lively nature of the town showing lots of movement by people and horses. The most interesting aspect of the painting is the precision and attention to detail with which it has been painted compared to... Continue Reading →

George Edwards

This portrait of George Edwards, one of the college butlers, is thought to have been commissioned by the college in 1975. It is considered to be a response to another portrait of College Butler Edward Wise, “Butler with ox-eye cup”, which was painted in the 1680s by an unknown artist. This is shown by the... Continue Reading →

The Valley of Ober-Hasli

Eton Collections has a beautiful watercolour by John Robert Cozens ( 1752-1797). Cozens is particularly famous for his magnificent nature scenes revealing dramatic mountain scapes and landscapes. The Valley of Ober-Hasli Watercolour by John Robert Cozens (1752-1797) FDA-D.157-2010 In this painting (a watercolour with traces of pencil and Indian ink dated 1778), the perspective is... Continue Reading →

The Lionel Archer Cust archive

Lionel George Archer Cust (1896 – 1962) The Lionel Archer Cust archive, on loan to the College Archives for the World War One commemorations, is currently on display in Prisoners of War: Old Etonians and World War One. Curated by Etonians, here one of the students relates his experience working with the archive. Portrait of... Continue Reading →

Waka Box

The first object is a wooden box containing workbooks in an old form of Japanese, gifted by the Emperor Hirohito after his visit to Eton in 1921. Black lacquer box containing Japanese verse in College Library This Japanese lacquer wood box contains handwritten books of Japanese poetry with the whole of the Nijuuichidaishuu, or the... Continue Reading →

Introduction to the “Treasure Trove”

Today, we are launching a boy-driven Collections initiative: the Treasure Trove! In this project, items from Collections will be chosen and written about by boys. Collections is arguably the biggest resource for extra-curricular study in any school in the world.  Make it yours! The value you can get out of The Collections for a project... Continue Reading →

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