Remembrance in the Collections

This year Remembrance Sunday commemorations will be fairly different to tradition as the nation observes social distancing. Despite restrictions on crowds and gatherings indoors, there are many socially distanced events scheduled to honour the service and sacrifices of the armed forces, and their communities, in conflict. There are a number of holdings in the Eton... Continue Reading →

Thoth and the African Sacred Ibis

In ancient Egypt, the ibis was one manifestation of Thoth, the god associated with divine knowledge and writing. The breed of ibis specifically sacred to Thoth is the African Sacred Ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus) which became extinct in Egypt in the mid-19th century. This species has a white body, here represented by travertine, and a black... Continue Reading →

Education, Education, Education: 500 Years of Learning at Eton College

This article was written by Eleanor Hoare, College Archivist, for the History of Education Society, and was first published by them on the 29th April 2020 at It builds on an earlier exhibition of the same name, curated by Eleanor for the Tower Gallery in 2016-17. Images from this exhibition have been used to... Continue Reading →

Feeding the Oryxes

Travel to Ancient Egypt in this Antiquities double-bill, where we explore the ancient world through selected objects in the Museum of Antiquities and in the exhibition Ancient Beings.

Shared View

Val Young, Gallery Steward Who are you and what do you do? Hi, I’m Val Young and have worked over in Queen’s Schools aka Science schools as support staff for about 15 years. I also work in the exhibition spaces as a Gallery Steward. What made you want to work in the Museums and Galleries at... Continue Reading →

Shared View

Welcome to our Shared View series! Every week we're sharing a mini profile about each of us to give you an insight into who we are and what we do behind the scenes in Eton College Collections. Lucy Cordingley, Exhibitions and Access Co-Ordinator Who are you and what do you do? I have worked in... Continue Reading →

The Eton Choirbook

MS 178 Folio 57 recto. Photographer Julia Craig-McFeely. The Eton Choirbook has under gone a vivid history. It is one of three surviving volumes of exquisite, Latin illuminated manuscripts. It has been loved as an instrument of the Catholic faith, later at the mercy of religious and political changes where relics, icons and artifacts of... Continue Reading →

Sakhmet, the Powerful One

Figure of Sakhmet. Late Period, 26th Dynasty, ca.600 BCE. Faience. [ECM 1716] Here is a figure found in the Myers Collection. In the Late Period, 26th Dynasty ca. 600 BCE, this figure was worshiped by Ancient Egyptians. ‘Sakhmet was a goddess of fury, the Powerful One, the fiery Eye of the sun god Re whom... Continue Reading →

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