Fourth of June through the years

The Fourth of June is the occasion when Eton College celebrates the birthday of George III, a great supporter of the school, with a grand festival of speeches, cricket and the procession of boats. 2020 has brought unique circumstances and with these, a unique Fourth of June, as we celebrate from our homes and connect online.... Continue Reading →

The Eton Choirbook

MS 178 Folio 57 recto. Photographer Julia Craig-McFeely. The Eton Choirbook has under gone a vivid history. It is one of three surviving volumes of exquisite, Latin illuminated manuscripts. It has been loved as an instrument of the Catholic faith, later at the mercy of religious and political changes where relics, icons and artifacts of... Continue Reading →

Ghost stories of a librarian

It probably will not come as a surprise to you that Eton College Library is haunted. While you may be sceptical of the paranormal, I believe everyone can enjoy a good ghost story. Not the least of which is old Etonian, M. R. James. James was a medievalist and scholar, but he is best remembered... Continue Reading →

Climbing heaven and gazing on the earth

Summer 2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Moon landings. Earth’s only satellite has been humankind’s constant companion, and its regular phases of waxing and waning inspired some of the earliest ways of measuring time and setting calendars. Its gravitational forces combine with those of the Sun and with the rotation of the earth to... Continue Reading →

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