Fourth of June through the years

The Fourth of June is the occasion when Eton College celebrates the birthday of George III, a great supporter of the school, with a grand festival of speeches, cricket and the procession of boats. 2020 has brought unique circumstances and with these, a unique Fourth of June, as we celebrate from our homes and connect online.... Continue Reading →

The Legacy of Richard Porson’s Handwriting

Richard Porson (1759-1808) was an eminent classicist whose valuable contributions to classical scholarship were often characterised by his precise emendations and thorough understanding of Greek metre (the rhythmic structure of a verse). A critical edition of Euripides’ four plays (Hecuba, Orestes, Phoenissae and Medea) was one of Porson’s most famous publications. Line-engraving of Richard Porson... Continue Reading →

Musae Etonenses

When Henry VI established Eton College in 1440, he intended it as a place for “poor and indigent scholars to learn grammar”. The boys would be tutored in Latin with an emphasis on writing verses.  Eleanor Hoare, College Archivist, is currently cataloguing these archives and explores the background of Musae Etonenses: Skill in the writing... Continue Reading →

Parlez-vous anglo-normand?

Anglo-Norman French, not something I had ever really come across until hearing Dr. Heather Pagan’s talk at Magdalen College. In fairness, I had only come across the Anglo-Normans briefly when in primary school, which was a fair few years ago, and being about 7 years old, always presumed they spoke modern-day English. But of course... Continue Reading →

#Archives30 Day 30: Why Archives?

Day 30, the final day of the @ARAScot #Archive30 twitter event. This event has lasted for the 30 days of April and each day is given a theme. We then post something from our archives which fits best with the theme! The twitter event is an Archive Awareness campaign to give an insight into our... Continue Reading →

Feats of skill: Eton’s trophy cups

On 26th and 27th June 2017, a unique event took place at Eton. For the first time over 400 of Eton’s silver trophy cups were gathered for inspection in one place. The resemblance to Aladdin’s cave was truly remarkable, with every table top in the Charteris Rooms covered in silver. I would like to thank... Continue Reading →

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