Meet explorers, Etonians, and pharaohs: Eton’s three museums now open on Sundays

As of last month, all three of Eton College’s museums are now open to the public on Sunday afternoons, from 2.30pm to 5.00pm. Everyone is welcome, there’s no charge for entry, and no need to book.

Over 16,000 specimens can be viewed in Berkshire’s only dedicated Natural History Museum, with unique exhibits including a rare surviving page from Charles Darwin’s manuscripts of On the Origin of Species, and material relating to famous botanist and Old Etonian Sir Joseph Banks, who sailed on the HMB Endeavour with Captain Cook.


The Museum of Antiquities, housed in the new, purpose built Jafar Gallery, presents rare archaeological treasures, ranging from Ancient Egypt to discoveries from the Thames, including a coffin depicting the deified pharaoh Thutmosis III, classical pottery and Palaeolithic flint hand tools.

Housed in the undercroft below College Hall in the historic centre of the college, the Museum of Eton Life displays the history and traditions of life at the school from 1440 to today.musical-jug-1small

The Natural History Museum and the Museum of Antiquities are on South Meadow Lane, SL4 6EW. The Museum of Eton Life is along Baldwin’s Shore, SL4 6DW. The nearest public car park is South Meadow, Meadow Lane, SL4 6BS. All three museums are a fifteen minute walk from Windsor & Eton Riverside station, and a twenty minute walk from Windsor & Eton Central. From Slough Station, take bus number 60 towards Eton.

Please contact us in advance (Monday-Friday, 9-5) if you have particular access requirements. See details on our contacts page.