Pick of the Collections: Podcast

Pick of the Collections 22/06/2020

Next we visit College Library with Dr Stephie Coane, who tells us more about a small book which has just returned from loan to the British Museum as part of their blockbuster exhibition Troy: Myth and Reality.

Recording: I saw a man this morning

  1. Manuscript of Patrick Shaw-Stewart’s poem ‘I saw a man this morning’, pencilled  on the endpapers of a copy of A Shropshire Lad by A.E. Housman published in 1912. ECL Icc5.2.33
  2. Cover and slipcase of A.E. Housman, A Shropshire Lad (1912) found on the body of Patrick Shaw-Stewart and containing the manuscript of his poem ‘I saw a man this morning’, given to Eton for the Macnaghten War Memorial Library in 1930. ECL Icc5.2.33
  3. Frontispiece portrait of Patrick Shaw-Stewart in his friend Ronald Knox’s biography published in 1920, and inscribed by Knox for the Macnaghten War Memorial Library. ECL Nd.1b.36
  4. Installation photograph of the Eton manuscript of ‘I saw a man this morning’ (left) and Ronald Knox’s biography of Patrick Shaw-Stewart (right) at the British Museum exhibition ‘Troy: Myth and Reality’, November 2019
  5. Photograph of Patrick Shaw-Stewart at Eton. PA-A.226:628-2015.

Audio transcript:

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  1. Loving this! It’s like you’re in the museum with the curator. It would be great if it were possible to have some audio controls as there was a part I wanted to skip back to and hear again. Anyway, amazing work on an amazing work!

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