Pick of the Collections: Podcast

Pick of the Collections 02/05/2020

In our next podcast Eleanor Hoare, College Archivist, tells us how the Archives afford us a glimpse into boy’s lives at Eton.

From L to R:
1. Letter to Bennett Gosling from his father, 6 July 1809, expressing pleasure at his sent-ups and recommending cricket as a sport [ED 165/8]
2. School report of Owen Tudor Crawshay, at Eton 1892-1894 [ED 49/4]
3. Letter of Richard Dundas Harington to his parents, 30 May 1915, describing the landing of a plane on Agars Plough [ED 476]

Download the audio transcript here:

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  1. Loving this! It’s like you’re in the museum with the curator. It would be great if it were possible to have some audio controls as there was a part I wanted to skip back to and hear again. Anyway, amazing work on an amazing work!

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