Pick of the Collections: Podcast

This term, the Collections are contributing a weekly segment to Eton College’s podcasts for the school. Each segment features one or more of our objects, chosen and discussed by a member of the Collections staff. You can listen to the Collections segment here, with accompanying images and additional information, every Saturday morning. 

It has been a pleasure to be a part of the school’s podcast throughout the summer term, and a fun way to share the collections.

That wraps up this (what we hope to be) first series of the Pick of the Collections podcast! Do look back and listen to various stories from across the collections, and we hope to be back with more soon. Until then, look out for our ‘Archives August’ miniseries of podcasts in the Collections Spotlight.

Scroll through the pages for the full series of podcasts and accompanying materials.

Pick of the Collections 08/08/2020

In this latest Collections podcast Lynn Sanders utilises her skills in researching local history to investigate a rural scene at Eton.

Samuel Evans (1762-1835), Farmyard with Resting Cattle 1807, pencil drawing. Eton Collections | FDA-D.1610-2019 (etoncollege.com)

Audio transcript:

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  1. Loving this! It’s like you’re in the museum with the curator. It would be great if it were possible to have some audio controls as there was a part I wanted to skip back to and hear again. Anyway, amazing work on an amazing work!

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