The ‘Bear’ Necessities!

These three teeth tell us a lot of information about the lifestyle and habitats these bears lived through. The tooth on the left is from a Cave Bear (Ursus Spelaeus). This bear was aptly named due to its fossilised remains being found primarily in caves. This bear represents one of the most frequently found remains... Continue Reading →

Message on a Chalice

One of the most striking exhibits in the Eton College Museum of Antiquities is this remarkable drinking vessel, made in the form of a partially-opened lotus flower. Blue glazed faience chalice in form of half-open lotus flower, with relief showing king smiting a kneeling captive. 21st dynasty, c. 1075-944BC. Eton College Museum of Antiquities. Photo:... Continue Reading →

Education, Education, Education: 500 Years of Learning at Eton College

This article was written by Eleanor Hoare, College Archivist, for the History of Education Society, and was first published by them on the 29th April 2020 at It builds on an earlier exhibition of the same name, curated by Eleanor for the Tower Gallery in 2016-17. Images from this exhibition have been used to... Continue Reading →

Shared View

Kim Cruickshank-Inns, Museum Custodian Who are you and what do you do? Kim Cruickshank-Inns, Museum Custodian What made you want to work in the Museums and Galleries at Eton College? This job involves two activities I really enjoy doing; meeting people and learning about objects! I also get opportunities to facilitate creative workshops, which brings... Continue Reading →

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